Meliá Castelo Branco is fully aware of the importance of responsible and sustainable management in the development of hotel business. Inspired by this concept, we have taken on a commitment that we have been solidifying with fundamental guidelines for success. It is with these guidelines that we intend to contribute to good environmental practices, in order to minimize the respective impacts in terms of pollution, guaranteeing the preservation of natural resources in order to enhance sustainable tourism. To this end, Meliá Castelo Branco establishes this policy with the following objectives:

Comply with the legal and environmental requirements applicable to its activity, regularly assessing its impacts.

Promote environmental awareness and training among employees in order to involve them and train them in good environmental practices.

Cooperate and promote communication with governmental and external entities and associations.

Encouraging the involvement of suppliers in issues of good environmental practice with a view to improving performance in this area and that of the entire operation involved.

Reduce and control energy and raw material consumption.

Adopt an attitude of continuous improvement in pollution prevention.

Consolidate the conquest of clients who are willing to take advantage of the services offered by the enterprise, with a high level of quality.

Taking these principles into account, as well as providing the necessary and appropriate resources, including a commitment to specialized human resources, with regular training and technologically advanced equipment, the Meliá Castelo Branco always seeks to fully satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers.